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Manfred Rojahn, now 78 years old, and three of his colleagues founded Metano Velten Metalltechnik GmbH in 1993 after their former employer in West Berlin had to close down.


Stainless steel processing, they hoped at the time, could be a profitable niche in Brandenburg. At the time, only a few plants had experience in handling stainless steel, which had previously been rationed, says Manfred. "There was a real boom at the time."


We have been refining surfaces for 28 years and this is now already the third generation.


Stainless steel, aluminium and titanium, components from boat and yacht building will not rust after processing in our company, metal pieces from the food industry, medical technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology can later be kept as sterile as the requirements of the industries demand.


The pantographs of all German ICE trains, the tent fastening of the Berlin Sony Center and containers from the Zentis jam kitchens - they were all treated at our facility in Velten and shipped from there. ,,We have the majority of customers in Berlin and Brandenburg," says Metano co-owner Manfred Rojahn.


However, the products we refine are also used across national borders. Titanium hip joints, for example, which we refined in large quantities, went to the USA, France and Spain.

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