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With glass bead blasting of stainless steel, aluminium and titanium we offer you a surface treatment in which unwanted components are removed from a metal by means of small glass beads and a matt finish is created.

In the process, tarnish and slight machining defects are removed.
A subsequent surface treatment, e.g. electropolishing, increases the corrosion resistance considerably and opens up visually extremely interesting design possibilities.


The process meets the highest quality standards, whether in pharmaceutical or food technology.

Already during planning, construction and material selection, we are happy to assist you with regard to the later intended pickling

All it takes is a phone call or an e-mail and you can keep your machining costs low while optimizing the quality of the workpieces.

Glas bead blasted surfaces are characterized by:

-metallic purity

-smoothness and freedom from cracks in the micro range

-free of burrs and grease/coolants

-free of flakes and particles

-improved corrosion resistance


Glass bead blasted surfces and their are of operation:

- Chemical plants
- Pharmaceutical technology
- Biotechnology
- Environmental technology
- Food and beverage industry
- Filling plants,packaging industry
- Sheet metal parts
- Apparatus and container construction
- Machine and tool construction
- Equipment for precision engineering

- Agricultural technology
- Fine deburring and stamped parts
- Metal construction
- Architectural elements
- Vehicle construction and rail vehicles
- Medical technology, sterilizers
- Hospital equipment
- Yacht and boat equipment
- Vacuum and clean gas technology
- Cooling systems and technology

We offer glass bead blasting for big and small parts

Declarations in (Length x Broad x Height)

We also offer glas bead blasting for parts that exceed the volume below, just ask us for more information!

Glass bead blasting cabine size:
7.000 x 1.500 x 1.000

Please don´t hesitate to give us a call, or write us an Email if there are any questions regarding the process.

Technical Data Sheet for glass bead blasting

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